Wellness Plan

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This monthly program is a online training plan customized and tailored to your specific goals. My program is designed to help you learn weight training workouts, expand your knowledge on nutrition, and discover how to transform your mindset. The teaching focuses on the psychology of transforming your mindset while transforming your body. 

What is included:
  • 4 week weight training program
  • Customized nutrition and macronutrient plan
  • Grocery Shopping Lists
  • One on one mentorship for mental health awareness
  • Free e-books, podcasts, and how-to videos 
  • Education on all aspects of health and how they connect to one another


Results Include:
  • A positive, goal seeking mindset
  • Deeper understanding of nutrition and diet choices
  • Knowledge of various workout routines with correct form and pace
  • A community of lifelong friends 
  • An overall balanced, healthy lifestyle